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Siddha System of Medicine also known as Siddha Vaidya in India, is the oldest among the Indian Medical Systems namely Ayurveda, Siddha & Unani & its also the oldest medical system in the world.Siddha Medicine, also called Siddha Vaidya could be considered as the crown of all the traditional arts of the ancient world owing to its richness and simplicity.Siddha System propounded by the Siddhars is a vast and unique system which defines health as a Perfect State Of Physical, Psychological, Social And Spiritual Well Being of an individual. Siddha system of medicine is most ancient and spiritually enriched one. Medicines are formulated and prepared by the Siddhars thousands of years ago after undergoing various research work on flora, fauna and the rich mineral resources of Mother Earth. The medicines are enriched with prayers and power which not only cures the disease but also provides peace to the mind and spirituality to the soul. This divine system of medicine is a treasure of numerous medicines.The system not only deals with medicine, but with spirituality, righteous way of living, rejuvenation and its main aim Kaivalya or Attainment of Perfection.The Siddha System of Medicine is one among the foremost of all other medical systems of the world. The other systems are concerned with treatment and preventive aspects only. But Siddha Medicine is the only medical system that is said to bestow immortality.  The treatment in Siddha medicine is aimed at keeping the three humors in equilibrium and maintenance of seven elements. So proper diet, medicine and a disciplined regimen of life are advised for a healthy living and to restore equilibrium of humors in diseased condition. The treatment should be commenced as early as possible after assessing the course and cause of the disease.

External and Internal Treatment or Siddha Medicines with prayers and counseling is very effective for treatment of MIND, BODY, and SOUL.

Salient Features of Siddha

  • Simple and safe medicines
  • Very effective for chronic ailments
  • Not only for correct the diseases but it also maintains the perfect state of the body
  • Medicines are palatable
  • Treatment available for all age groups
  • Specific treatment for old age (Geriatrics) problems
  • Enhance the immunity of growing children
  • Thokkanam Therapy (Siddha physiotherapy) and Varma therapy are highly effective for neurological, musculo-skeletal problems and promotes physical and mental fitness.toxicology)
  • Vajikarana
  • Rasayana

Treatment Aspects:

 Treatments in siddha are widely classified in to 64 types i.e. 32 types of internal medications and 32 external treatments which include kizhi, fomentation, steam etc. Some preventive measurements are also clearly mentioned in siddha system.  Among theses diet plays major role.  One should take proper diet in proper time with proper quantity, need not worry about diseases. Therayar, a Siddha exponent insists some preventive methods to be followed on a day-to-day basis as well as seasonal basis which are highly useful for preventing many of the life style diseases.