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If we want to increase the amount of energy or the type of healing we have in our lives, energy healing is a positive and resourceful way to do this. Our “aura” which is the energy that surrounds each and every one of us has certain characteristics and elements that define what people receive just by being around us. Our aura also affects who we are, what we accomplish on a daily basis and how we affect the energy of others. There are many ways to use energy healing for your gain

The healing energy provides fast, natural and effective relief from an extensive list of ailments including stress, depression, muscle tension, adrenal glands, physical pain (especially back and neck pain), emotional trauma, insomnia and illness.Energy healing is a non-invasive and very gentle way to heal using the universal life force energy that flows through every living thing in the universe which is known as Prana .

During emotional or physical disease it is believed that our life force creates unbalanced energy fields. Energy healing balances these electromagnetic fields and the flow of energy within the body thus restoring health to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.It rejuvenates, manipulates and restores blocked energy channels from our body's aura and chakra system. The physical body's natural healing abilities will also be accelerated during this process.

Salient Features of Siddha

  • Alleviation or Eradication of Pain- Less need for pain medication and increased effectiveness of other medication
  • Enhanced Immune System Functioning
  • Improved Sleep
  • Promotion of Health and Well Being
  • Enhancement of Spiritual Development
  • Preparation for, and follow up after surgery and other medical treatments
  • Energizing the body

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